President Varda Cywie
Tel: 00 32 3 239 05 71

Message from the President

I am so proud to lead WIZO Belgium-Luxembourg. In these challenging times, it is so important that we do everything we can to strengthen the children.


WIZO in Belgium was born almost simultaneously with WIZO in England. A Women’s Zionist Organization had existed before, not long after 1897, so that when it affiliated to WIZO, only its name – Circle of Zionist Women -- had to be altered. Among their activities the most notable were Bible courses, Hebrew lessons, a workshop, and “Thursday Evening Zionist Lectures”. Belgian WIZO tried to revive its groups. WIZO’s ranks had been sadly depleted, but new, young forces joined. New groups were created in several towns between 1951-53, For many years, members of the Federation have made their “Aliyah” to Israel, and children of its chaverot study or settle in Israel.


The Federation organizes fundraising activities for its projects in Israel. It also serves as a catalyst to increase and improve social contacts through educational activities.

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Varda Cywie

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