President Nicole Faktor
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Message from the President

WIZO has been in my heart since my early childhood.  

Providing a better future for our little ones, empowering women and families means securing a sound foundation for Israeli society and Jewish people worldwide. I am proud to be part of the great WIZO family.


WIZO Germany has its roots in the Verband Judischer Frauen fur Kulturarbeit in Palestina (Jewish Womens’ League for Cultural Work in Palestine) established in 1907, and the Bund Zionistischer Frauen (Zionist Womens’ League) established in 1923, which formally merged in 1929 to become the German WIZO Federation. With World War Two looming, WIZO Germany worked together with British WIZO to prepare and send German Jewish women and children to Palestine as urban workers and students, most notably in the well-documented Youth Aliyah scheme initiated by Mrs. Recha Freier, a member of the WIZO Executive in Germany and former President of WIZO Bulgaria. Following the Holocaust, WIZO came to life again in the Displaced Persons camp in the US Occupation Zone in Munich, spreading to four other camps by 1947. WIZO work in the DP camps consisted mainly of organizing kindergartens and infant welfare stations, caring for pregnant women and nursing mothers, and included courses in knitting, sewing, toy-making, Hebrew and English.


We have “signed a contract” with Israel´s society, which is not notarized legally but  signed with all our hearts and devotion to Israel and WIZO 

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Nicole Faktor

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