President Michaja Wiener
Tel: +31206463017
Chairman Margriet Bouscher-Snapper
mail: info@wizo.nl


WIZOnl was founded in 1948.The current amount of members is 1.450. There are 10 branches in the Netherlands. The main branch is Amsterdam. The WIZO GiftShop  in Amsterdam and Enschede are well known for their Judaica.  Throughout the country there are various cultural and fund raising events.


WIZOnl raises funds to full fill their share in the budget of World WIZO for 800 projects. Apart from that WIZOnl supports her adopted projects. Furthermore it empowers women to strengthen identification with the State of Israel and Judism.

Our Priorities

  • Community Center Afula 
  • Ina Kisch-Houthakker Huis
  • Shikun Jessie Cohen
  • Channah en Michael Levin WIZO Center
  • Eshkol District