President Katalin Memon
Tel: +3620-4879911
Chairman Andrea Pinter (Vice President)

Message from the President

I believe in:

- spreading the WIZO spirit  Yachad  (together). Everything we do, we do  it together.

-  empowering  our Chaverot in finding innovative solutions and being creative in fundraising.

-  supporting our Holocaust survivors mentally via our free hotline and in many other ways

-  strengthening women to fight against antisemitism, racism and segregation

-  organizing educational programs in fighting for equal rights for women in the society/ leadership and preventing domestic violence       

-  keeping close contact with all Jewish organizations in Hungary and in neighboring countries

-  supporting single mothers and families with children living under the poverty line

-  visiting the residents of the Jewish Parents Home before the holidays


WIZO Hungary was first founded in the 1920’s when other WIZO branches opened across Europe but was closed down in the wake of Nazi occupation and the Holocaust. After WWII it reopened but again had to close down during the Soviet regime. In 1992, a group of Holocaust survivors decided to rebuild WIZO Hungary.


Out mission is:

- to continue our activity in the footsteps of our past Presidents

-  to maintain and enlarge the membership of WIZO Hungary

-  to recruite young women to create a WIZO AVIV Group - this is our most important goal!

-  to keep in touch with WORLD WIZO  and all the WIZO FEDERATIONS for the benefit of all of us and the State of Israel!

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Katalin Memon