New Zealand

Tel: +64 273915295
Chairman Berry Small

The Hawkes Bay WIZO Kesher Group operates WIZO in New Zealand

Kesher Group Chairperson: Berry Small

Message from the Chairperson

“We feel very privileged to belong to WIZO. We are proud to be able to bless and support Israel through WIZO. Through our work, and through our prayers, we show our love for the people of the State of Israel. We support the children at the WIZO Day Care Center in Acco.”
The Hawkes Bay WIZO Kesher Group began in 2009 to support the work of WIZO New Zealand. Recently it has undertaken the operation of WIZO in New Zealand. There are two groups under the banner of the Hawkes Bay WIZO Kesher Group New Zealand, under the leadership of Mrs. Berry Small. Long-term WIZO supporter Linda Cook chairs the other group.
The Hawkes Bay WIZO Kesher Group is a non-Jewish group of women who are active members of WIZO New Zealand. They have worked tirelessly to support WIZO. Their lobbying for Israel in the non-Jewish community is passionate and valuable.