President Susanne Sznajderman Rytz
Tel: +46-8-6613991
Chairman Ilana Nisell
mail: wizo@wizo.se


WIZO Sweden was established in 1931. The first elected leader was Mrs. Selma Arnheim; Committees were formed, which later developed into WIZO groups in Goteborg with Mrs. Leontine Sterner and in Malmo with Mrs. Anna Goldmann as Presidents.

In the early years, the development of the Swedish WIZO groups was slow, but with the beginning of the Nazi era, they came into dramatic evidence. As early as 1933, the small group of WIZO women in Malmo were called upon to help the Jewish refugees from Germany in their midst. During the latter part of the war, Sweden was a haven of refuge for many thousands of Jews, and soon after Liberation, thousands more came from German concentration camps. The Swedish WIZO women, small in number, served in rotation as ‘neighborly helpers’, took courses in child nursing and diet cooking to be more effective helpers in a canteen in Stockholm and organized regular visits to Jewish women in the neighboring refugee camps. In addition, children from Bergen-Belsen suffering from tuberculosis were the ‘special charges’ of WIZO.

In 1970, the WIZO Federation was the largest Jewish organization in Sweden, a source of culture and Jewish learning for many Jewish women.    


WIZO Sweden was very deeply involved in the campaign for Soviet Jewry. The Federation is a member of the delegation of Women’s Equality and participated in large international congresses in Copenhagen, Nairobi and Oslo. WIZO Sweden enjoys very good relations with non-Jewish women’s organizations.

Fundraising campaigns are conducted in Stockholm, Goteborg and Malmo through various means such as wills and bequests, bazaars, soirees, cultural events, gift cards, flowers for Rosh Hashanah, seasonal cards, and bridge evenings.

Our Priorities:

  • Mark Stone Day Care Centre, Acco
  • Day Care Centre, Givatayim
  • Day Care Centre, Kiryat Menachem, Jerusalem
  • Wizo Centre, Karkur
  • Day Care Centre, Modeen
  • Beit Eliezer Day Care Centre, Rishon Le-Zion
  • Boris Green Day Care Centre, Tel-Aviv
  • Youth Club, Yinon