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3GM: A Mission for WIZO Around the World

The WIZO 3GM Generations Mission strengthens the bonds between three generations and creates memories that will be cherished forever

March 07, 2019

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World WIZO answers the greatest challenge of our time; continuity.

In the WIZO Federations and across the non-profit world, we are experiencing the struggle of attracting and retaining the next generation. From busy young mothers who have little time between juggling careers and family life, to youth who are disengaged from their Jewish identity and to the importance of Israel.

As WIZO approaches her centinerary, having been built on the passion and innovation of young women who are now old women, it is the responsibility of these WIZO women to inspire and engage the next generation. The same women who built the agricultural schools amid the swamps of Israel, cared for babies in wooden orange boxes, and struggled with politicians to fight for the needy of Israeli society, are called on once again. To continue the WIZO Mission in the next generation.

The WIZO women of today are the role models for those of tomorrow. Passing on the WIZO values and ethics, opening the eyes of daughters and granddaughters to the importance of tikun olam and the challenges that still face Israeli society.


World WIZO has answered the challenge and invites the WIZO women in the federations to take ownership of the WIZO 3GM Generations Mission. The innovative mission strengthens the bonds between three generations and creates memories that will be cherished forever. The 3GM Generations Mission explores core values such as Israel Advocacy, gender equality, diversity and multiculturalism, co-existence, giving a space for three generations to actively engage and participate in building these values together. The Mission allows all three generations to discover the sixth sense, the sense of belonging, as Israel is experienced as never before.

Take part, take ownership and weave the strands of your family's identity and bonds tighter than ever, with the added golden thread of WIZO.

So, who are you bringing with you?

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