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WIZO Brazil: Bazar, Bingo, "Yom Mitzvah" and More

It's been a busy summer for WIZO Brazil: Bazars, Bingo, "Mitzvah Day" and so much more.

August 30, 2018

*** Spanish follows English***


Hangers Campaign

The Solidarity Campaign of WIZO Brasília in conjunction with the Israeli Association of Brasilia (ACIB) were placed at the very entrance of the ACIB. Three plastic panels were hung and people were encouraged to 'hang' their donations of clothes for the needy to come and collect them. It is a real success so far!


WIZO Paraná


The traditional Bazaar of WIZO Paraná was arranged, together with the Friends Association of the Curitiba Hospital. The chaverot went to great efforts to ensure this event was a great success. For this purpose, had the support of employees and the public. A super event.




Hard working Chaverot at the Bazaar.

WIZO Rio de Jenerio

Israeli Knesset Meeting

WIZO Brazil President, Mrs. Silene Balassiano, the Executive members and chaverot of the WIZO Rio de Janeiro branch welcomed five Israeli Knesset Members who were visiting Rio de Jenerio on the 29th of August. The meeting was hosted by Mrs. Daniella B. Ptak's house at her home. The chaverot used this opportunity to highlight the strength of our WIZO movement and spoke together about WIZO work.


(Second from the right) Mrs. Luciana Burlá Cukierman surrounded by the Members of Israel's Knesset.


Chaverot of WIZO Rio and WIZO Brazil president meeting with the Israeli Knesset Members.


Mrs. Silene Balassiano, WIZO Brazil president and WIZO Brazil Executive members, Israeli Knesset Members, and Mrs. Luciana together WIZO Rio de Janeiro Vice president and Honorary President.

Talk Show with Ana Maria Braga and Leila Sterenberg

WIZO was on the TV Gal Or Group talk show this August. The show was hosted by Ana Maria Braga, a famous Brazilian TV presenter from Globo TV, and Leila Sterenberg, a journalist who featured in one of the largest networks for Brazilian news. The audience of 400 people, applauded the beautiful afternoon organized by WIZO Rio de Janeiro. Joy and unity among all the chaverot made the talk show a big event! The collaboration around one dream made all the difference. A real lesson of overcoming obstacles with love served as an example for all. Everyone who was there loved it!


Luciana Cukierman, Ana Maria Braga and Chaverot.


WIZO Executives 


                                                                                                           WIZO Directors                                                                                                          

Bingo Night

In June, we held a successful Bingo night. All those in attendance had a wonderful time. Three hundred women came and had a lovely time!



Chaverot enjoying the Bingo Night

Warm-Up Campaign

June saw massive participation in the Warm-Up Campaign promoted by the Israeli Federation. A fabulous day!


Chaverot at the Warm-up Campaign day   


Film Night

In August, two groups teamed up and sold out two movie theaters (400 seats) to highlight the debut of Mamma Mia! One session was dedicated to our campaign, "An afternoon for a child" We also proudly participated in the “Jewish Festival of Movies”.

Br15    mama


WIZO Rio also held a successful mini Bazar in August. They usually hold a Bazar annually in December.

Br17   Br18

 Cultural Table at WIZO-Rio Festival of the Jewish Community

August was a busy month for Brazil. WIZO were present at a cultural table, with a presentation of the WIZO-Rio Festival of the Jewish Community sponsored by the Jewish Federation for the Community of Rio de Janeiro - August / 2018


Luciana Cukierman President of WIZO Rio de Janeiro speaks on the Panel.


Luciana Cukierman President of WIZO Rio de Janeiro and participants

 Rosh Hashana Gifts

We have the custom of giving friends and families gifts for Rosh Hashanah. The groups design, produce and sell their products, always with success and good results. This year we have such gifts as Chocolate Hamsa, coasters and beautiful greetings cards.

Br22     Br22      

Rosh Hashana Dinner

For Chaverot, we organize a Rosh Hashana dinner every year. We always invite a distinguished or hold a special activity. This year there will be a card-making workshop that will be sent to nursing homes of the Jewish Community.


"Your hair has more strength"

For the local community here in Brazil, we do a project in October, called "Your hair has more strength", where we collaborate with a hair salon that cuts women's hair for free. Then we take the donated hair to another partner, manufacturer of wigs, who he makes gracefully creates beautiful wigs for us. When the wigs are completed, we deliver the, to an NGO, The Laço Rosa Foundation, which distributes persons suffering from cancer and the side effects of the medication.

Br24  Br25

 WIZO Chaverot donating their hair

WIZO Advantage Card

WIZO-Rio has newly released an ADVANTAGES CARD, aimed at raising awareness of membership and increasing the collection of Members' monthly fees. We are looking for several partnerships with restaurants, products and services that offer discounts for the Chaverot (which number approximately 900 in Rio) that hold this special card. This is a successful project and we are achieving our goals.

Br26  Br27

Luciana Cukierman  (top) President of WIZO Rio de Janeiro and WIZO Chaverot  (bottom) with their Advantage Cards.

WIZO Rio Grande do Sul

Yom Mitzvah – The Day of the Jacket

On an extremely cold Sunday, WIZO RS promoted 'The Day of the jacket of the Jewish community” named Yom Mitzvah! Trucks from the City Hall, young people, volunteers, and entities such as WIZO, NAAMAT volunteers, youth movements and the Israeli College were joined together in the same ideal: Tzedaka! Social justice! The Mitzvah Day also occurred in others Brazilian states where WIZO is present and working. It is WIZO helping those in need.


WIZO RS and other groups celebrating Yom Mitzvah

WIZO São Paulo

Honoring Mrs. Shulamita Tabacof

WIZO-SP honored one of the most important activists of the Organization, Mrs. Shulamita Tabacof, at the traditional event held for International Women's Day. Mrs. Sulamita Tabacof is the Honorary President of WIZO São Paulo and during the ceremony, in the presence of authorities, representatives of others entities, rabbis, volunteers, guests and her families, Mrs. Sulamita thanked everyone and emphasized the WIZO community mission. "Until today I had a good part of my life dedicated to WIZO, after an event like this, my responsibility increases even more," she said emotionally affected.



Mrs. Sulamita Tabacof Honorary President of WIZO São Paulo and celebrants.


Rio de Janeiro

"Tu pelo tiene más fuerza"

Para la comunidad local, hacemos un proyecto en octubre, llamado "Tu pelo tiene más fuerza", donde nos asociamos con una peluquería que corta el cabello de las mujeres gratis y luego entregamos el cabello a un fabricante de pelucas asociado a esta actividad. Una vez que las pelucas están listas, las enviamos a una ONG, llamada Fundación Laço Rosa, que distribuye a mujeres con cáncer.



Br24  Br25

 Tarjeta de membresía WIZO Rio

WIZO Rio ha lanzado una tarjeta de membresía, destinada a crear conciencia sobre el tema y el pago de las tarifas mensuales de los miembros.

Estamos buscando varias asociaciones con restaurantes, productos y servicios que ofrezcan descuentos a las javerot (900 en Río) que cuentan con la tarjeta. Este es un proyecto exitoso y estamos logrando nuestros objetivos.

Br26   Br27

Regalos para Rosh Hashaná

Tenemos la costumbre de dar amigos y familiares regalos de Rosh Hashaná. Los grupos crean, producen y venden sus productos, siempre con éxito y buenos resultados.

Br22     Br22      

Cena de Rosh Hashaná

Todos los años organizamos una cena de Rosh Hashaná para las javerot, siempre con una propuesta o un invitado. Este año habrá una tarjeta de taller que se enviará a los hogares de ancianos de la comunidad judía.


Sesión de cine

Esta semana, dos grupos se asociaron y vendieron entradas para dos salas de cine (400 asientos) para el estreno de la película, Mamma Mia. También realizamos una sesión dedicada a nuestra campaña, llamada "Una tarde para un niño y participamos en el "Festival judío de películas".

mama  Brs11


Con el fin de resaltar y dar visibilidad a WIZO en nuestros eventos, desde el año pasado lucimos una camiseta en color rosa, otros estados en Brasil también adoptaron la camiseta en sus eventos. También hicimos collares y pulseras con el símbolo WIZO y los vendimos a javerot y amigos.

Otras actividades

Entre otras actividades participamos en forma masiva en la Campaña de Calentamiento promovida por la Federación Israelí. Además organizamos un mini bazar (solemos tener un bazar anual en diciembre) y participación en la mesa cultural, con la presentación del Festival WIZO-Rio en la Comunidad Judía patrocinado por la Federación Judía para la Comunidad de Río de Janeiro.