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WIZO Chile: Intl Women's Day, Yom Ha'atzmaut, and More

WIZO Chile marked International Women's Day, celebrated Yom Ha'atzmaut and much much more

March 20, 2018

International Women's Day Celebration

On March 8, we celebrated Women´s International Day at our WIZO headquarters. Soledad Onetto González, a Chilean journalist and television host, received a present from WIZO and an Honor Diploma from the Israeli Embassy in Chile for her outstanding work in the field of communications. At the end of the event, the guests enjoyed a nice chat and breakfast with the honoree.



Soledad, who attended the ceremony with her parents, delivered a warm speech to give gratitude for the award she received

Dare to Believe in You"

On March 25, a seminar on empowerment, motivation and action was held at the WIZO Chile headquarters. More than 100 women participated at the “Dare to believe in you” event. The seminar was given by two professionals: Cynthia Cuculiansky from Argentina who has a degree in Psychology and a degree in Strategy and Human Resources Management, and Jael Toledo from USA, who is a family and couples therapist. Both of them encouraged WIZO women to pursue a path leading them towards achieving their goals and objectives in life. 


Above: Yael Hasson, President; Raquel Szalachman, Vice President; Dalia Rezepka, Director; Kelly Armoza, Executive Director;

Below: All of WIZO Chile chaverot together with Cynthia Cuculiansky and Jael Toledo, exhibitors


Yom Haatzmaut

WIZO proudly is and has always been part of the progress of the State of Israel and as Zionist women, we join in the celebration of its 70th Anniversary. With great joy we received Michal Hayet, Israel's ambassador to Chile at our headquarters. Mrs. Hayet gave us a letter from Nechama Rivlin, first lady of Israel, in which she congratulates the WIZO Chile women, for our wonderful work, providing protection and opportunities for a better future to the less privileged sectors of Israeli society. She also thanked us for our support of the 13 establishments composing the network of "Republic of Israel Schools"; highlighting our efforts as an example of inspiration and commitment that serves to radiate the Jewish culture and values for Tikkun Olam. 


Michal Hayet, Israel Ambassador in Chile; together with Yael Hasson, WIZO Chile President; Caty Farkas and Raquel Szalachman, WIZO Chile Vice Presidents