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WIZO France: Visit to the Senate in Paris

A wonderful and educational visit to the Senate in Paris

October 08, 2018

Our visit of the Senate, October 8, began under happy presages; the Indian summer with its beautiful sun complimented the tour wonderfully. We enjoyed a delicious and refined lunch in a cheerful and friendly atmosphere.

We were honored to give our presentation of WIZO and her activities. This was a wonderful privilege to have the opportunity to emphasize and state our Zionist commitment at the beginning of our meal.

Beginning in the main court yard, we then enjoyed a tour of the splendid Palais du Luxembourg. Karen, our competent and charming guide, took us through four centuries of the history of France! Karen, also explained who the Senators are and the important role they have in our democracy. The Senate is the Upper House of the French Parliament and represents French territories and French citizens living abroad.

It was also noted that the Foreign Affairs Committee, also including the France-Israel group, is composed of 51 senators, its president is Philippe Dallier LR. After visiting the palace, we descend the majestic staircase of honor and took the opportunity to take a photo of the group! We left with the desire to return swiftly. A very big thank you to Sylviane Tropper, who organized this wonderful day.