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WIZO Mexico: Yom Hashoa, Yom Ha'atzmaut & More

WIZO Mexico marked Yom Hashoa, celebrated Yom Ha'atzmaut and held a number of engaging events this spring

May 02, 2018

Yom Hashoah – Never Again

Every year we mark Yom Hashoah with our hearts and minds focused on the words, NEVER AGAIN. This year, Adela Azar joined us to speak about women in the Shoah, thus recalling the 112,000 WIZO chaverot who lost their lives at the hands of Nazi barbarism. Azar talked about the WIZO women who were in Europe, many of which fought to save children's lives during the Holocaust, others dedicated themselves to education and others to community life, fighting the best way they could under the horrible circumstances. At the end of the evening, every person present lit a candle for the WIZO chaverot who lost their lives.


Celebrating Yom Haatzmaut

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Yom Haatzmaut, the Jewish community of Mexico held an event. WIZO Mexico made 700 bracelets for this special occasion, which were bought by our colleagues. We enjoyed a very special morning with dances, songs and videos that took us back to the day when the independence of the State of Israel was declared, and we enjoyed a delicious Israeli brunch together.


Challah of the Parnasa

For the third consecutive year, the Netzer Group carried out its "Challah of the Parnasa" activity in the Sharé Shalom Temple; a highly emotional activity that filled the spirit of the 200 women who attended. The participation of Rabbi Raúl Askenazi was essential to make this event significant. When the dough of the challah was ready in the shape of a key, he made a blessing and the arón hakodesh was opened to ask for Refúa Shleimá for all those that our heart desires. The seven ingredients of the challah, as well as 18 key shaped challot, representing the "key to livelihood" were sold, raising substantial funds. 

Mexico3Finance Course

On May 3, the first class of the Women's Financial Empowerment Course took place on an interactive platform for online learning. The course provides an international certification with curricular value from the National Financial Educators' Council. It provides attendees with the necessary empowerment tools, since they will have the opportunity to manage their money in a more efficient way, being able to make budgets, manage accounts, etc. For each paying participants, WIZO sponsored a participant who could not afford the registration.