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WIZO N.Y. - Movie Night - Special Pre-Screening of Anita. B

Financing 10 students journey to Poland to learn about the Holocaust.

February 15, 2015

WIZO N.Y. sold tickets to an exclusive screening of the movie Anita B. in order to allow 10 selected students that do not have the financial means to participate in a Heritage Trip to Poland.

WIZO's High school students (11th and 12th grades) participate in a yearly journey to Poland to learn about the Holocaust and gain insights for a peaceful and secure future. On this trip, students visit important Holocaust sites, learn about Jewish life in Eastern Europe prior to the Holocaust, and discuss current day Judaism throughout the Diaspora. Prior to and after returning from the trip, students participate in discussions and seminars regarding tolerance, democracy and Jewish related topics. Many of WIZO's students are unable to afford this educational experience, and we at WIZO believe that cost should not deter students from participating in this life changing experience. Every year, 10 students are selected to participate in this trip. These students have overcome difficult circumstances and have proven themselves as serious, mature students who will benefit from taking the Heritage Trip to Poland. The 10 students who are chosen to participate in this meaningful journey come from low income families that do not have the financial means to pay the full price for this meaningful journey. Despite this, WIZO is doing everything possible to let all these students participate in this powerful educational experience.