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WIZO Panama: Yom Ha'atzmaut Photoshoot

WIZO Atid Panama WIZO Atid Panama celebrated Israel's 70th Independence Day with an special photoshoot for families and friends

May 20, 2018

WIZO Atid Panama celebrated Israel's 70th anniversary with an amazing photoshoot for families and friends. Israeli flags, props and the enthusiasm of the participants made each photoshoot session unique and special. There were over 150 attendees, 12 photographers from the Jewish community and more than 30 different items to print the pictures on. The love for Israel vibrated with the sound of the camera flashes. AM ISRAEL CHAI!!!


Four WIZO generations: Aliza Liberman, Viviana Abadi, Gladys Abadi, Emily Fidanque, Victoria Fidanque, Sandra Fidanque, Helena Liberman