VIDEO: Iron Swords Music Project

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Aspiring song writers devastated by the war, high school students in special education and successful Israeli artists: WIZO has brought them together for a meaningful project.

WIZO has invited aspiring songwriters and musicians affected by the war (who have experienced personal events on October 7 and since, residents of the Gaza envelope, bereaved families, or similar connections), to send sketches of songs they have written and composed.

Each creator will be accompanied by a well-known Israeli musician and a pair of students from the WIZO Beit Hakerem music program who will produce their song.

The prominent Israeli artists who have generously volunteered to mentor the entire program are: Ester Rada, Efrat Gosh, Sima Noon, and Gal De Paz. Project Music Director: Maayan Perlman.

The project will start on March 7th, all the recording days, mixing and mastering will take place at the music studio in WIZO Beit Hakerem.

The project will be completed by May just in time for Israel’s Memorial Day/Independence Day ceremonies, and the songs will be performed live at various events throughout the country.

The distribution will be done by the distribution company Patephon Media and radio.


WIZO Beit Hakerem High School is the only Special Education and Vocational High School in the country. One of the most acclaimed professional tracks the school offers is the music track: sound editing and mastering.

The Iron Sword music project’s aims are:

  1. Professionally help the musicians that were affected by the war by providing them with state of the art musical studio use and access to all equipment needs; recording facilities, instruments.
  2. A chance to collaborate and work hand in hand with top Israeli artists.
  3. Involve and expose our WIZO students to the needs of their broader community (empower them by giving them the chance to help out and share their skills)
  4. Expose the aspiring musicians to professional musicians and help them advance their musical career by producing for them a joint album.


*The song in the video is a rough cut of one of the songs being produced in the project.

Stay tuned to hear the final songs in a few weeks!

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