Women for women - the heart of WIZO

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Since its inception, WIZO has championed women’s needs and women’s rights, adapting to the emerging needs of a dynamic Israeli society. From education to motherhood to career development and gender equality, WIZO’s programs protect and empower women.

Our main goals:

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To empower women across Israel.

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To put mothers on the social agenda in Israel.

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To promote policies and legislation that aim to achieve gender equality.

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To prevent and treat domestic violence in Israeli society.

To reach these goals, WIZO is active in the following areas:

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We operate numerous group programs, workshops and events with the aim of empowering women — giving them knowledge, skills, guidance and support. Whether it’s career training, financial planning, relationship counseling or free legal assistance, WIZO strives to be there for women at every significant milestone in their lives. 


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Since the founding of WIZO, the subject of motherhood has always been at the forefront of what we do. Today, motherhood is no less challenging and WIZO is adapting to mothers’ needs: support groups for single mothers, promoting mothers’ rights in the work place, creating networks of support during times of crisis, providing training for financial independence. 

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Since the first Israeli Knesset, WIZO has had a representative on various government committees. WIZO continues to play a significant role in discussions, initiatives and legislation, which impacts the status of women and women’s rights to this day.

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Domestic Violence

WIZO is a leader in the field of domestic violence in Israel. We operate two shelters for women victims of violence and their children; a program across the country that helps them rebuild and lead independent and violence-free lives; centers for the prevention of violence where families come for treatment while staying together; a youth program that aims to teach youth healthy relationships to prevent violence; and a help line for violent men seeking assistance.

Women's Programs:

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