WIZO, the Women’s International Zionist Organization, has been influential in advocating for various legislation in Israel over the last century, particularly focusing on issues related to women, children, and families. Some of the key areas where WIZO has been involved in influencing legislation include:

Women’s Rights: WIZO has advocated for laws promoting gender equality and women’s rights in Israel. This includes legislation related to equal pay, protection against domestic violence, reproductive rights, and representation in political and public spheres.

Family Law: WIZO has been involved in shaping family law legislation in Israel, including laws related to marriage, divorce, and custody.

Social Services: WIZO has worked to influence legislation related to social services, including laws related to housing, employment, and support for disadvantaged communities.

These are just a few examples, and WIZO’s influence on legislation in Israel over the last 100 years is extensive and multifaceted, reflecting its commitment to promoting social justice, equality, and the welfare of women, children, and families.

Recent Legislation

The Division for the Advancement of Women is leading a number of legislative initiatives, which are in various stages of parliamentary discussion, such as:

  • The law forcing violent men to receive psychological treatment, which has passed all stages of legislation last December and will come into effect in May 2022.
  • Mandatory therapy for children exposed to violence, in spite of father’s objection, whether he is in prison, under restraining order or otherwise.
  • Promoting electronic handcuffs for violent spouses (PASSED)
  • Advocating for an increase in the financial support given to women who are leaving shelters to start a new life
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Other activities

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