Caring for Israel's elderly with dignity

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WIZO’s Parents Home is a warm home that provides its elderly residents with holistic therapeutic solutions for a range of needs, from lodging and catering to healthcare, social welfare and meaningful recreational and social activity.

Our main goals:

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To provide a safe, nurturing home for the elderly.

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To provide quality healthcare for the physical and emotional wellbeing of each resident.


To provide an enriching living experience that includes social, cultural and educational activities.

A Home in the Heart of Tel Aviv

Parents Home houses over 100 residents, many of whom are Holocaust survivors. It employs 60 employees in a variety of positions and is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. WIZO views the residents, led by the resident committee, as full partners in the meaningful processes conducted at the home, and believes in regular and constant communication with the families of the residents as partners in the welfare of their family members.

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Tailored to Every Resident

The Parents Home has two main departments: one for independent seniors, supervised by the Ministry of Welfare, and a full-care nursing home, supervised by the Ministry of Health. We provide a continuum of care to our residents, responding to their increasing needs as they experience a decline in function and health.

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Social Life, Culture and Leisure

Loneliness harms quality of life, and may even shorten it. Our residents don't have a dull moment: we hold classes, activities, cultural events, exercise classes in a variety of styles every day, art classes, bridge, lectures, concerts, film screenings, Shabbat receptions, and special activities for every holiday. There are also field trips to various cultural attractions in the area.

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Medical Supervision 24/7

All residents are supervised closely by a team of medical professionals consisting of a house doctor who is on site five days a week, and on call the rest of the days. The clinic is staffed by professional nurses and is open 24 hours a day. The nurses perform some tests and care on the spot, refer to outside facilities when necessary, and prescribe and prepare medicines for residents who need it.

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In the Heart of Tel Aviv

Located at the corner of David Hamelech Boulevard and Weizman Street -- next door to World WIZO headquarters, it is a central location to anywhere in and around the city. The nursing home is located right across from Ichilov hospital and offers residents proximity to the city's leading cultural and leisure centers such as Madinah Square, Weizman Mall, Sharona Complex, the Tel Aviv Museum, the Mishkan for the Performing Arts, and Beit Ariela.

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