WIZO Event

19 January 2020
Sunday 08:00
Tel Aviv, Israel

Centennial World WIZO EGM 2020

Hundreds of WIZO members from across the globe converged on the Hilton Tel Aviv from 19-23 January 2020 for the 27th World WIZO EGM – Enlarged General Meeting to celebrate WIZO’s first 100 years and the launch of its next 100 years.

WIZO’s powerful network of volunteers are an integral part of its global community. No matter which country they come from, which language they speak, they stand united in their commitment to keeping the WIZO legacy strong and relevant, changing lives and building futures for those in need.

Together they are all part of something much greater than any individual can be on their own, and can all be proud of WIZO, an incredible hundred-year-old movement that has made such a significant contribution to the State of Israel and its people.

We joined together to make memories of a lifetime, we honored WIZO’s glorious past, we celebrated its present and we inspired its future.

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