Volunteer Internship

Volunteer Internship

Fundraising Division

Interning with the World WIZO Fundraising Division offers volunteers from abroad the opportunity to gain valuable experience in international non-profit fundraising and development while volunteering for a top organization dedicated to assisting women, children and the elderly in Israel.

Duties include valuable experience learning the organizational intricacies of WIZO, translating and writing important documents leading to donations to WIZO’s centers and researching new and important ways to grow WIZO’s
donation base. The work environment is dynamic and friendly and a wonderful experience for those interested in a career in Jewish communal service.

World WIZO is looking for volunteers who would like to experience a professional fundraising internship based in the centre of Tel Aviv. The length of the internship is between 3-6 months based on 20 hours of work a week and suitable for individuals aged 22-30 who have excellent English communication skills and who are visiting Israel for an extended period of time. 
Knowledge of Hebrew, along with French and/or Spanish is encouraged as well as knowledge of non-profit organizations and fundraising.


For Further Information Please Contact
Annette Crandell
Deputy Director, World WIZO Fundraising Division
Email: annettec@wizo.org Phone: 03-6923932 Cell: 052-5794368 Fax: 03-6923880 


Intern Testimonials

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María Laura
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Nicole Whitaker
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Tanya Schneider
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Jessica Robins
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Allison E.White
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Joelle Mintzberg
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Natalie Cohen
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Marion Argi
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Sharon Zaidenrais
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Sarah Adler
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Paola Forman
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Emiliya Adelson
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Samantha Mendlow
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Natascha Shamis
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Melissa Scholem
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Michelle Glazer
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