Raya Jaglom, Honorary Life President

“WIZO provides education and security for children, women and the elderly.”

Raya Jaglom Z"L

Honorary Life President

Helena Glaser, Honorary Life President

“People, Passion, Love, Commitment, Children and Women – Connecting Israel with the Jewish World”

Helena Glaser

Honorary President

tel +972 36923703
mail helenag@wizo.org
Tova Ben-Dov,President, World WIZO

“WIZO is a way of life and commitment. It is a feeling of belonging, a constant need to love and give and provide opportunities for those less fortunate to improve their lives.”

Tova Ben-Dov

Honorary President

tel +972 36923716
mail tovab@wizo.org
Esther Mor, President, World WIZO

“WIZO is a feeling of sisterhood. It is a connection to the Jewish people worldwide and caring for our collective future."

Esther Mor


tel +972 36923716
mail estherm@wizo.org
Prof. Rivka Lazovsky, Chairperson, World WIZO Executive

“To be a WIZO members is to be a link in a family chain.  A family chain which has relatives throughout the world.  A family chain with links to the past, but most important of all, a chain that will continue into the future.”

Prof. Rivka Lazovsky

Chairperson, World WIZO

tel +972 36923706
mail rivkalaz@wizo.org
Gila oshrat, Chairperson, WIZO Israel

“WIZO  for me means – love, caring, giving, and hope – all we need to create a better world.”

Gila Oshrat

Chairperson, WIZO Israel

tel +972 36923794
mail gilao@wizo.org
Gila Cohen, Chairperson Human Resources Division

“Wizo is a shining light for Israeli society. It shows what we can do when we work together for the good of everyone."

Gila Cohen


tel +972 36923705
mail gilac@wizo.org
Bat Sheva Schwartz, Chairperson, Property, Purchasing & Insurance Division

Bat Sheva Schwartz

Chairperson, Property, Purchasing & Insurance Division

tel +972 36923881
Tirtza Rubinksy, Chairperson, Building and Maintenance Division

“WIZO has been a way of life for me. It has meant building the appropriate facilities and creating the best opportunities for empowering women and children of all ages."

Tirtza Rubinksy

Chairperson Human Resources Division

tel +972 36923723
mail tirzar@wizo.org
Avital Blumenthal, Deputy Chairperson, Organization and Tourism Division

“A home that empowers, connecting and enriching people. A home in which you always "give" but at the end of the day you feel gifted."

Avital Blumenthal

Chairperson, Early Age Division

tel +972 36923763
mail avitalb@wizo.org
Riki Cohen, Chairperson, Parents Home

“WIZO is my way to donate both socially and personally to Israeli society."

Riki Cohen

Chairperson, Parents Home

tel +972 36923480
mail rikic@wizo.org
Dr. Carmela Dekel,Chairperson, Education Division

“Since retiring as manager of Academic College of Engineers, I have used my experience to help the young men and our youth villages and boarding schools."

Dr. Carmela Dekel

Chairperson, Education Division

tel +972 36923811
mail carmelad@wizo.org
Janine Gelley, Chairperson, Organization and Tourism Division

“WIZO for me is my WORLDWIDE family, working together to fulfill the Zionist dream for a strong Jewish State."

Janine Gelley

Chairperson, Leadership & Global Relations Division

tel +972 36923944
mail janineg@wizo.org
Saya Malkin, Chairperson, Beit Heuss

“Wizo for me is a 2nd home where I have the opportunity to contribute in various social fields for the needed and thus it enriches me as well with inner strength and sensitivity."

Saya Malkin

Chairperson, Beit Heuss

tel +972 99575043
mail sayushmalkin@gmail.com
Nili Amit, Chairperson, Building and Maintenance Division

Nili Amit

Chairperson, Building and Maintenance Division

tel +972 36923736
Israela Titelboim, Chairperson, IT Division

Israela Titelboim

Chairperson, IT Division

Anita Fridman, Chairperson, Fundraising Division

“WIZO for me is an women’s empowering Zionist movement, established by women to help the creation, advance and welfare of the Israeli society."

Anita Friedman

Chairperson, Fundraising Division

tel +972 36923710
mail anitaf@wizo.org
Dalia Gantz, Deputy Chairperson, Organization and Tourism Division

Dalia Gantz

Deputy Chairperson, Leadership & Global Relations Division

tel +972 36923892
Rolene Marks, Executive Member for Public Diplomacy (Hasbara) for the Chairperson's Office

Rolene Marks

Executive Member for Public Diplomacy (Hasbara) for the Chairperson's Office

Tricia Schwitzer, Executive Member in charge  of Special Projects for the Chairperson's Office

“I owe a debt of gratitude to Israel for making my dreams come true - and what better way is there to repay that than by volunteering with WIZO?"

Tricia Schwitzer

Chairperson, Publicity & Communication Division

tel +972 36923824
mail trishas@wizo.org
Igal Dekel, Director General world wizo

“For me, WIZO is the movement that gave me the opportunity to contribute to the wellbeing of Israeli society and to fill my life with a sense of satisfaction."

Igal Dekel

Director General World WIZO

tel +972 36923715
mail igald@wizo.org