Desk of Rivka


Desk of Rivka

Eleven students from Nir Ha'emek's Police Academy program visited the German Police Academy in the southwest state of Rhineland-Palatinate

This article, which I was interviewed for, captures the impact of our sacred WIZO work

In national statistics released today, WIZO Nachlat Yehuda showed the largest rise in student eligibility for matriculation - an unprecedented increase of 100%!

300 WIZO members and supporters gathered at St. Johns Wood Synagogue in London to celebrate 100 years since WIZOuk's founding and elect a new Chairman – Ronit Ribak-Madari 

The appointment is the highest-ranking position within the Offices of the Government Ministries and National Authorities ever attained by a woman of Ethiopian descent

The daylong work meeting included reporting on crucial WIZO matters, voting on legislative issues, and strengthening the ties between our federations abroad

I am delighted to welcome each and every one of you, my WIZO sisters from around the world, to Israel – the beloved homeland of the Jewish people- and to our warm WIZO house, here, in Tel Aviv.

The lives of these students have been far from charmed, but their charms shone through at their graduation celebration.

From Nahariya to Eilat, the annual one-day conference drew representatives from WIZO branches nationwide

Hosted at CHW Hadassim, recipient of the National Education Prize awarded by Israel’s Education Minister, the event showcased WIZO’s excellence in educating and empowering Israel’s youth