Desk of Anita


Desk of Anita

Family Day 2017

February 22, 2017

On the national Family Day in Israel we celebrate the family and the important role it plays in the social and national resilience of our society. Our precious family unit is the soul of the development and prosperity of all of our WIZO projects, and you, as women and mothers are the ones who create them, raise them and nurture them throughout the years.

Tu B'Shvat 2017

February 12, 2017

Tu B'Shevat, the "New Year for Trees", a time when the renewal of nature unfolds before our eyes in different colors and shades across our beautiful State of Israel.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome each and every one of you, my WIZO sisters from around the world, to our Israel – the cherished home of the Jewish people.

Lighting Chanukah candles with our children at WIZO DCC

For me, every visit to WIZO Parents' Home is special, because WIZO is a family and each person, from an infant to a pensioner, in our WIZO institutions is part of this big and proud family.

Happy Chanukah

December 21, 2016

Each year, WIZO brings light of hope for people across Israel.

We at WIZO are doing everything in our power to protect our children, youth, staff and volunteers and limit the damage to our facilities.


Yom Kippur 2016

October 10, 2016

When the notes of the Shofar will be heard in Shuls across the world, we will ask to be written in the Book of Life – בספר החיים for all we have done and for all we will continue to do, because our journey is still ongoing.

With the new-year in sight, let us welcome fresh ideas, a breeze of change, new opportunities and exciting hope for a time of success, fulfilment and joy.

Shana Tova 2016

September 29, 2016

Happy new year to the whole of our WIZO family!