Desk of Rivka


Desk of Rivka

When I look back at all we have done over the past year, I remember all the children, women and youth who were touched, inspired and empowered by our work. This Yom Kippur we can be proud of our WIZO work and look forward to the coming year, in which we will continue, as is part of our Jewish heritage, to carry out this sacred mission of ‘Tikun Olam’.


It is a special and holy time of the year, which offers us an opportunity to look back at all we have done over the past year and gaze into the future in hope for another year of successes and achievements.

May we bring sweetness to the lives of the women and children who come under our care.

Our joint work with our federations worldwide helps us with providing our bright and talented youngsters an equal opportunity in education and a chance to build a successful life


Our success can be found in the dozens of thousands of graduates who came out of this wonderful youth village to become leaders in every field of Israeli society – including science, diplomacy, economy, media, art, security, law and many more.


Four of our WIZO schools have received special excellence awards from the Ministry of Education


The prize that has been awarded to Nir HaEmek recognizes both its educational achievements in agricultural studies, and also the success of the farm as an economic enterprise.


WIZO in an important campaign for Tu B'Av – Israel's Valentine's Day, when it is common to send flowers to our loved ones. 

This is the full text of my Eulogy to Raya Jaglom, World WIZO Honorary Life President

Today, WIZO marks the end of an era as Raya Jaglom forged the unbreakable link between our founding mothers and the WIZO's leaders of today.