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Jerusalem Day 2017

A Message from Prof. Rivka Lazovsky for Jerusalem Day

May 24, 2017




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"All Jews have Jerusalem in their heart"

Dear Chaverot,

This Wednesday, May 24th, we will celebrate 50 years since the historic reunification of Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people.

For thousands of years, Jerusalem symbolized the spiritual bond between every Jewish person around the world. For centuries, our ancestors prayed towards it and dreamed of returning once again to its embrace.

As we mark a very special Jerusalem Day this week, let us recall the moment the Chief Rabbinate of Israel declared the 28th of Iyar – Yom Yerushalaym – the national Jerusalem Day. On that day, he thanked G-d for answering the 3000 year old prayer: 

“L’Shana Ha’Baa B’Yerushalayim - Next year in Jerusalem"

Like this prayer has been passed on from one generation to another, so has our commitment to WIZO and to the well-being of our people and State.

Each WIZO Chavera translates this deep and special connection with the State of Israel and our people into action through our precious projects and dedication to WIZO's work.

For generations, we have been supporting, nourishing and cultivating all of our wonderful projects, making them a safe and empowering home to thousands of Israelis every year.

In Jerusalem, you can find WIZO in every corner - spread like a beautiful blanket.  With love and care, we lead the citizens of Jerusalem by the hand – giving them support and hope for a better future.

WIZO is a Beacon of Hope in a city that faces many security challenges – but also deep financial and social challenges.

Since 1924, when WIZO's Baby Home opened its doors to this day, we have always been there for the citizens of Jeruslame. Whether it be the ultra-orthodox woman who has no one to turn to within her own community when she faces violence in the family, or the empowered woman who wants to sit in the Knesset and have an influence on decision-making. In our WIZO Day Care Centers, youth clubs, and school we educate the future of our State, in and our WIZO centers care for the elderly of Jerusalem.  

I invite each and every one of you to visit our Jerusalem again and again and feel the power of hope and renewal that is found in every corner and every holy site. WIZO is proud to continue strengthening our Jerusalem - the center of the Jewish world.

Because a strong Jewish State is a strong Jewish people!

“L’Shana Ha’Baa B’Yerushalayim!

Next Year in Jerusalem!


Prof. Rivka Lazovsky,
Chairperson, World WIZO