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Straight Facts Volume #18

A special edition of Straight Facts, the latest hasbarah-related information, as we celebrate Israel's 70th year of Independence.

April 22, 2018

Dear Chaverot

This is the perfect moment to invite you to please join me in wishing our beloved State of Israel a very, very  HAPPY 70th YEAR of INDEPENDENCE! She is looking more fabulous with age and even though we are celebrating 70 years of the modern state, this gorgeous lady has been our home for thousands of years and is ingrained in our souls through the generations.

We could write legions of tributes to our beloved Israel (and we should) but I have curated some of the best articles from some of the foremost voices and leaders in the Zionist world.  It is a bigger edition than normal, packed with useful content. There were SO many great articles that I came across while curating this edition, I couldn’t leave some of them out.

Enjoy the articles and visuals and let us wish this venerable lady, this plucky, brave country who opens her arms to us all.

Chag Ha’atzmaut Sameach!

Warm regards

Rolene Marks

World WIZO Executive: Public Diplomacy & Hasbarah

Dr Einat Wilf makes the argument for Zionism:

Zionism can best be described as being the national liberation movement of the Jewish people and who better to examine this great phenomenon as we celebrate 70 years of the fulfillment of Herzl’s vision than one of the greatest experts on the subject, Dr Einat Wilf:


Israel – by the numbers

Israel is looking pretty fantastic as she celebrates her 70th. Let’s examine Israel by the numbers. This is an excellent resource that you can share with anyone who wants the facts at their fingertips.


Taking back the Z-word!

Professor Gil Troy says that it is time to take the Z- word back. I couldn’t agree more! Zionism is our national liberation movement – and it is time to reclaim it proudly:


A robust democracy!

David Harris examines how Israel, despite facing threats and challenges that many other countries never have to contemplate, has built a thriving, robust democracy:


Letter from an Israeli tomato

Even Israeli tomatoes have opinions! David M. Weinberg takes a look at exceptional achievements in greening the desert, proof that when it comes to celebrating, even our fresh produce get a say:


Israel – a safe haven for global Jewry

Bret Stephens writes this excellent article for the New York Times examining some of the challenges that global Jewry and Israel face in the world today and poses a question to those who are armchair critics:


Israel – a light unto the world

One of Israel’s foremost advocates, AlanDershowitz, sat down for an interview about his perspectives on Israel as she turns 70:


Tiny, mighty and very attractive!

Tiny, might, diverse, innovate, passionate, chutzpanit, creative and just magnificent! These are just some of the words we can use to describe Israel. Watch this clip to see just some of the reasons we love this lady:


70 years of spectacular achievements!

Your heart will burst with pride as you view some of what Israel has endured and achieved over the last 70 years!


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