Latest Updates


Latest Updates

Personal stories of at-risk youth whose lives were turned around prove the effective approach of a veteran institution that adapts to each child's needs.

We're excited to announce that registration for the 2016 WIZO Aviv International Seminar is now open!

Four immigrant students from the former USSR who study and live at WIZO Nahalal Youth Village as part of the Na'aleh program, turned the struggle of integration into an award-winning film.

The administration's celebration of WIZO's birthday put the "miracle" of WIZO: the movement's hard-working staff and volunteers, at center stage.

A new guidebook reflects updated procedures at WIZO daycare institutions across Israel that will create a protective and therapeutic atmosphere for Israeli children in times of war.

Almost a century of life-changing work is shown in a heartwarming "then & now" photo album, produced specially for WIZO's 96th.

This past Friday, a rocket fired from Gaza hit the WIZO "Open House" center in the town of Sderot. Two days later, in a show of true fortitude, the center was open again and held a celebration for kindergarten children, as scheduled. 

Take a look at the recent mission to Israel hosted by a devoted group of WIZO volunteers from Florida.

Thanks to one of WIZO's most precious ongoing projects, orphans and children from underprivileged or single-parent families have the chance to celebrate their bar & bat mitzvahs.

The moving ceremony marked the end of a very unqiue course of study for a group of WIZO high school students.