Latest Updates


Latest Updates

One of the flagship projects of WIZO's Family Welfare Division, which aims to help girls at-risk express themselves artistically, develop personal identity and learn to make better choices, celebrates another successful year.

Get to know the new president of World WIZO in ways you didn't expect.

This year, WIZO marked the day dedicated to women with a conference addressing sexual harassment, a star-studded collection of t-shirts with a positive message and more...

The awards initiative, which recognizes individuals whose work reflects WIZO's values, made headlines last week as it showed Israel to award-winners from a new perspective.

International Youth Award

February 16, 2016

Students from WIZO Hadassim, Nahalal, Nachlat Yehuda, Gan Ve’Nof and Nir Ha’Emek Achieve the Bronze and Silver Awards

Students from WIZO Nir Ha'Emek lead a grass-roots initiative to change the reality of hunger and poverty in Israel.

The 26th World WIZO EGM, which took place during the last week of January 2016, was a week full of moving, exciting and memorable moments - here are 10 which were simply unforgettable.

The fifth house in the Neve WIZO foster home program is unveiled in the presence of WIZO delegates from South Africa, the UK and Lady Beryl Steinberg, whose efforts and donations are changing the lives of Israel's youngest and most endangered children.

World WIZO's quadrennial conference, held in Israel, brings together hundreds of international Jewish female leaders for a week of thought, reflection, decision-making and celebration.


WIZO recently expanded its collaboration with The Pajama Library, a unique and novel reading initiative started in America and imported to Israel, which brings literacy and Jewish values into the daycare centers and homes of children across Israel.