Latest Updates


Latest Updates

Fainy Sukenik, an Ultra-Orthodox social activist who started out in WIZO's "greenhouse" and leadership programs, will light a torch at Israel's  official Independence Day Ceremony on Mount Herzl. 

Two graduates of WIZO Nahalal Youth Village's high school receive a coveted national award in recognition of their military service.

The initiative, launching this week, aims to offer advice and resolve family, divorce and work-related disputes at a very low cost.

A WIZO Israel leader's amazing history as a Jewish Holocaust heroine

The traveling exhibition that began as a coexistence and women's empowerment project in Afula, makes it to the UN in Geneva.

Gourmet dishes created from field-rations won an impressive award for three young chefs from the school's culinary program.

Chairperson of World WIZO Prof. Rivka Lazovsky was invited to speak at the Mexican congress at a historic moment for WIZO Mexico.

A WIZO Nachalat Yehuda student of Ethiopian descent, who immigrated to Israel as part of Operation Solomon, meets an IDF general who took part in the historic mission.

The annual bar & bat mitzvah ceremonies of students at WIZO Nachalat Yehuda received the blesisng of WIZO's Chairperson.

A new, comprehensive and beautiful family center promises new life to a neglected building and wide range of services to the community, in the heart of Tel Aviv.