Latest Updates


Latest Updates

A WIZO Nachalat Yehuda student of Ethiopian descent, who immigrated to Israel as part of Operation Solomon, meets an IDF general who took part in the historic mission.

The annual bar & bat mitzvah ceremonies of students at WIZO Nachalat Yehuda received the blesisng of WIZO's Chairperson.

A new, comprehensive and beautiful family center promises new life to a neglected building and wide range of services to the community, in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Rolene Marks, WIZO's Executive Member for Public Diplomacy, provides her view on the phenomenon of BDS as well as several relevant questions and answers.

Even the smallest contribution can make a big difference in a child's life. 

Thanks to the Zajfen family and WIZO France, the children of the southern town of Sderot will be safe and well-cared-for in a fantastic, newly renovated daycare center.

The students of CHW Hadassim have been busy exploring space and winning awards for their work.


Even though we're still start the start of 2016, the students of WIZO's Nir HaEmek youth village have already made some impressive achievements and taken part in unique and meaningful activities. 

WIZO executive members and leaders took time out of a top-level meeting to hear the stories of women who, with WIZO's help, received recognition from the Knesset for their social activism innovations.

One of the flagship projects of WIZO's Family Welfare Division, which aims to help girls at-risk express themselves artistically, develop personal identity and learn to make better choices, celebrates another successful year.