Latest Updates


Latest Updates

The students at Nachlat Yehuda Youth Village found a particularly social way to celebrate the Shavuot holiday.

WIZO congratulates the State of Israel on years of joint endeavors for the benefit of Israeli society

Holocaust Day 2015: WIZO establishes archive to preserve Holocaust memories and documentation from members around the world

The story of Esther Sawczycka, who founded the WIZO chapter in Baranowicze, Poland.

A new Knesset is a new opportunity to advance women's representation in government

A 10-day Mission: Learn, Love, Live Israel the CHW Way!

In Honor of International Women’s Day, WIZO Salutes Four WIZO Volunteers

Purim is the perfect time to reflect on the lessons of women’s empowerment that we can learn from the women who take center stage in the biblical Book of Esther.

The 'One World' WIZO Summer Camp is a joint venture by WIZO and 'Big Ideas in Education' - a large educational enterprise specializing in youth summer camps

Neve WIZO is a foster family community consisting of four houses that was established in 1982.