Latest Updates


Latest Updates

Cartes, who served as President of Paraguay from 2013-2018, learned about WIZO’s wide ranging work, met WIZO’s children and vocational high school students and came away both touched and inspired

For Israel’s 71st Independence Day, we proudly present - in no particular order - a list of 71 wonderful WIZO achievements of the past year                                                    

WIZO remembers its 147 graduates of its schools and youth villages who fell in defense of the State of Israel. Here is the story of one of them, Dudu Amar z"l, a graduate of WIZO Nahalal.

In the Holocaust, WIZO lost 14 federations in Europe and tens of thousands of members. On Yom Hashoah we remember these women who never strayed far from their mission even in the most horrific of circumstances

WIZO wishes you a very Happy Passover!

From playground duties in WIZO Day Care Centers to gardening and painting at WIZO schools, youth villages and Parents Home, the WIZO team exemplified WIZO’s volunteering spirit

More than 40 Druze women participated in the WIZO program, empowering them to make a difference within their communities

Culminating in an exhibition of 15 full-size portraits, the experience was eye opening for both the student photographers and their young subjects

From a fascinating conference on Israeli women in politics to publishing their Glass Ceiling Index, WIZO marked and celebrated International Women's Day 2019 with several important initiatives and events

Beginning its second year, WIZO’s training program for ultra-Orthodox women prepares and encourages them to take on public leadership roles in civil society, local and national politics and in their own communities