Latest Updates


Latest Updates

WIZO's annual nation-wide program for girls-at-risk closes another succesful year

To mark and celebrate International Women's Day 2017, WIZO launched several exciting and highly relevant initiatives and events.

WIZO Nir HaEmek students lead a hair donation campiagn to help local cancer patients.

Even the smallest contribution can make a big difference in a child's life. 

A unique group of young American leaders are shaping the future of a WIZO federation

WIZO helps children – in every way they need, in every way we can.

For the third year in a row, the students of WIZO Nir Ha'Emek mobilize an entire community to battle inequality

Every year WIZO youth villages host more and more students from the Na'ale Program: unaccompanied young Jewish students from around the world seeking a top-tier, Israeli high school education, with the goal of making Aliyah and serving in the IDF.

WIZO 2017 MOR Recap

January 31, 2017

The recent 2017 MOR, the annual gathering of WIZO's international leaders, was a week of review, planning, bonding and first-hand encounters with the work the organization does across Israel.

Every year, WIZO provides Bar & Bat Mitzvah celebrations to thousands of Jewish children in Israel who might not otherwise be able to have one because of financial difficulties and complicated family situations.