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Baby Steps: WIZO Daycare Centers' Innovative New Program

WIZO implements an innovative program for children's developmental guidance in its daycare centers, nation-wide.

September 08, 2016


The first two years in a child's life are an important foundation for the continuation of correct physical and psychological development as a youth and adult. The leadership at WIZO's Early Age Division attaches great importance to creating a supportive environment for the 15,000 children in its care, including stimuli that encourage correct motor development. Therefore, in addition to the special daycare centers created to integrate children with developmental difficulties, WIZO, in cooperation with the organization "Ayalah" (Hebrew acronym for: Child & Infant Development Guidance Testing) is implementing an innovative program of developmental guidance, throughout all of its institutions.

This initiative was created based on the knowledge that daycare center staff plays an important role in the motor development of the children in WIZO daycare centers. The program includes topical training and enrichment for daycare center staff, relating to a child's developmental needs, the building of a stimulating daycare environment, recognizing obstacles and difficulties in individual children's progress, and workshops for parents focusing on action and awareness.

Naomi Moreno, Director of WIZO's Early Age Division, explains, "Movement, like air or food, is an integral part of a child's growth and development during its first years. Through movement and experimentation using the various senses, a child attains various skills and improves its thought process, understanding, critical skills, language and control of its emotions and behavior. For us, at the WIZO daycare centers, one of our central roles is to encourage and guide the process of reaching various milestones during an infant or toddler's  motor skills development, as well as to recognize and pinpoint, as early as possible, any obstacles or failures in that process."