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Celebrating the WIZO Maurice Huta Family Center

A new, comprehensive and beautiful family center promises new life to a neglected building and wide range of services to the community, in the heart of Tel Aviv.

March 28, 2016
Celebrating the WIZO Maurice Huta Family Center

Adjacent to the WIZO daycare center on Tel Aviv's King George Street, an old, derelict building owned by WIZO caught the eye of Monique Huta, the donor who eventually decided to generously fund the entire renovation and outfitting of the building that is now the new family center. The renovations began last year and the building was finished in January 2016. The uniquely attractive facility, renovated, finished and decorated with the highest quality materials, furniture and accessories, is named in honor of Monique's deceased husband, Maurice Huta, and bears plaques honoring other members of her family. The center features brand-new kitchens, counseling rooms, play-rooms for children and workshop rooms for professional and technical classes.

The categoraization of the new WIZO facility as a "family center" enables it to house a wide array of services reflecting the organization's values (such as: helping at-risk, empowering women) under the umbrella of services for the whole family:

  • Daycare services and play areas for children aged three months to three-years-old
  • Courses and classes for adults (yoga, music, parenting, etc.)
  • Counseling and help for young women at risk
  • Professional certification courses (cosmetology, wellness, etc.)
  • Women's empowerment courses (leadership, entrepreneurship, money management, etc.)
  • Family counseling services
  • Family extra-legal mediation services
  • Lectures and other events for the community 

King-George 1WIZO Israel leaders and volunteers gathered to celebrate the opening of the new WIZO Maurice Huta Family Center in the heart of Tel Aviv. The festive gathering was attended by Gila Oshrat, Chairperson of WIZO Israel, Meira Drori, Chairperson of WIZO Tel Aviv, as well as several other WIZO administrators. Nurit Or-Boria, Director of the WIZO Tel Aviv branch, led the inauguration ceremony.

As explained by Nurit Or Boria, the complex is slated to become a vibrant gathering place for the neighborhood, offering a variety of courses, counseling and a range of activities for the entire community, from preschoolers through to adults and seniors. There is already a WIZO bigudit (second-hand clothing shop) operating on site. Meira Drori told the gathered audience about her longstanding wishes to do something significant with the previously neglected structure and the fateful day that she met Monique Huta, who simply walked into her office with the noble goal of renovating a building for WIZO in honor of her late husband. She also praised Monique, telling her daughters, in the audience, "You have a very special woman for a mother."

Gila Oshrat lauded the renovation and thanked the donor and administrators involved, saying, "This beautiful new building is in the heart of Tel Aviv but also at the heart of WIZO's work." She added, "While there were difficulties along the way, this building, an amazing accomplishment, was ultimately possible because of the combination of Monique's generosity and the dedicated staff of WIZO, that didn't give up. This is an example of synergetic cooperation."

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