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International Youth Award

Students from WIZO Hadassim, Nahalal, Nachlat Yehuda, Gan Ve’Nof and Nir Ha’Emek Achieve the Bronze and Silver Awards

February 16, 2016

Last week, British Ambassador to Israel, Mr David Quarry, came to WIZO Hadassim Youth Village to attend the bronze and silver award ceremony for almost 200 students from five WIZO youth villages.

Prior to the award ceremony, the Ambassador, accompanied by Chairperson of the World WIZO Executive, Prof Rivka Lazovsky, Moshe Bitman and others planted the first trees in the “International Youth Award Grove” in the grounds of Hadassim.

Students gave various displays of some of the activities they have been doing towards the award, including sport and music displays.

In her address, Prof. Lazovsky said that the International Award is most fitting for WIZO because it shares WIZO’s core values: volunteering, inspiring and aspiring. The program enables pupils to discover their strengths, talents and abilities. Addressing the students, Prof. Lazovsky assured them, “If you want to achieve something, you can; you can fulfill all your dreams with the help of WIZO and the Youth Award.”

Ambassador Quarry expressed how honored he is to be involved in this program and remarked "This is the first tree I have planted in Israel!” The Duke of Edinburgh, today aged 94, says that "this is the best thing he has done, and today, the International Youth Award takes place in 144 countries across the globe.” The ambassador gave a special welcome to representatives of the Ministry of Education who were present, as this year the Ministry has recognized the official organization of the International Youth Award in Israel, which will enable it to expand its activities.

Among others who attended the ceremony were the Head of the Local Authority of Even Yehuda, Avi Harari, Director the International Youth Award, Israel Yossi Friedman, Director of the World WIZO Education Division Dr Michal Rotem and Nili Amit, Ingrid Rockberger and Batsheva Schwartz from the World WIZO Executive.


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