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WIZO Mexico is Honored With Prominent Award for Social Activism at the Mexican Congress

Chairperson of World WIZO Prof. Rivka Lazovsky was invited to speak at the Mexican congress at a historic moment for WIZO Mexico.

April 11, 2016

On Friday, at a ceremony held at the Mexican Congress, the Mexican federation of World WIZO was awarded the Benito Juarez National Citizen Merit Award for 2016, one of the country’s most prominent awards, which recognizes individuals and groups that work on behalf of the country's people and society.

Alongside Mexican WIZO leaders, the Chairperson of World WIZO, Prof. Rivka Lazovsky, spoke at the ceremony. She was in Mexico as part of a WIZO mission to the region, of which this historic event was a highlight.

WIZO Mexico, ever since its founding in 1940, has supported various local institutions in Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Tijuana-San Diego and Cancun. Most admirably, the group members perform volunteer work of all kinds across Mexico.

Prof. Lazovsky congratulated the members of the federation saying "Thanks to your great efforts, children and youth at risk from Mexican public schools gain scholarships and furniture to create a comfortable classroom environment. WIZO Mexico also contributes to the annual campaigns of the Mexican Red Cross, the National Telethon and provides aid for those who are hit by natural disasters. For the last 75 years, WIZO Mexico has been contributing to the welfare and development of disadvantaged people in the Mexican society. Your dedication and efforts support thousands of children and young people, and help them fulfil their full potential."

Mrs. Shula Shrem, the proud President of WIZO Mexico, commented, “This is the very first time the government and the congress have granted such recognition to our institution in 75 years of continuous work in Mexico,”

Prof. Lazovsky stressed the connection between the federation's work in Mexico and its work in Israel, and its unmistakably Jewish nature, "WIZO chaverot around the world are ambassadors of the Jewish values ​​of charity and tikkum olam – "repairing the world". Your outstanding work is a representation of these important values ​​and a tribute to our movement."

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