Wizo Changes Lives

Wizo Changes Lives

Success stories of people touched by WIZO 


Thousands of women, children, youth, and families have benefited from WIZO's various programs, schools and legal advice. Every one of them is special to us and their success is our success. Here are some of their stories. 

A Bed of His Own: Yaniv's story

13-year-old Yaniv, a boy who has been through many challenges, couldn't believe his eyes when he arrived at WIZO's Nir HaEmek Youth Village and was placed in a foster home where for the first time in his life he'll have his very own bed, closet and desk.

  • Yaniv
Na'ale Program - Avishai Smadja

More than 16,000 students from over 65 countries have studied in Israel through the Na'ale program so far, hundreds of them at WIZO youth villages like CHW Hadassim and WIZO Nahalal

  • Avishai

"I'd recommend life in WIZO Nahalal to anyone whose home situation is not so good, whose family situation is hard and he's looking for a way out. At WIZO Nahalal you're given a framework with values."

  • Yerach

"WIZO is home, It's a safe place, It's family, It's the people who nurtured you and raised you ..."

  • Michelle

“Never did I imagine that I’d actually be singing and performing or that I’d serve on the Students Council to give back to my friends and the youth village. I never thought I had that in me.” 

  • Maritu

“I had no one and nowhere to go. I put my girls in WIZO Day Care-- the only place I could trust. They offered me food, clothing, anything I needed. They taught me to be a parent. I’m not the only story here. There are so many parents here that have their children cared for by WIZO."

  • Adi

"WIZO is a huge part of my life. It gave me the opportunity to change peoples lives. I learned that I could achieve my dream."

  • Oshra

“This place gave me stability… it’s a place where you don’t feel threatened. I learned that I am responsible for my own life.” 

  • Rina

“I hated leaving my family, they had nothing. I understand now that to help them, I need to succeed. That is what I’m going to do.” 

  • Vadim

"I came to the WIZO shelter afraid for my life. But now, I feel like I was born anew. WIZO protected me and my daughters and I left stronger than ever"

  • Ranit

“I was abused by my father and ignored by my mother, but l found a family and a future with WIZO.”

  • Mel