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Nechama's Comfort

July 02, 2018

This place, this day care center, for me it’s like a miracle!” says Nechama, a 35-year-old mother of five from Bat Yam.

Born and raised in Ethiopia, Nechama immigrated to Israel as a young teenager with her family. She lives in Bat Yam and works part-time for a local non-profit organization that helps kids with disabilities.

My oldest three children never went to day care centers,” Nechama explains. “For years I took care of them at home. But my fourth child, my daughter Sarah, went to this day care center last year, and now my three year-old son Avi is here and my life has completely changed for the better.”

First of all, I could finally get a job,” Nechama beams. “Having my youngest children WIZO day care center allowed me to pursue a career, something I never could have done before. Being at home all day with children is not easy. I needed the mental break. Now when I come to pick up my son from day care, he is so happy and I am so excited to see him. Everything has changed.”

Second, I saw the huge difference this day care center makes in the lives of my children. Sarah was a very finicky eater, she wouldn’t eat hard foods at all, only rice. The staff here told me not to worry, and sure enough, after a few days of encouragement at the day care center, she was eating like a champ. I see so much development it’s amazing.”

Nechama has seen a drastic change in her youngest child too. “Avi is such a social child now,” she says. “I used to ask him after day care to name his friends and he would only say one or two names, now each day he says many more names. I watch how he plays so nicely with other children. Since he started going to this day care center he even plays with his siblings more.”

Nechama describes how excited Avi is to bring home a book from the special WIZO Pajama Library. His face lights up when his mother or father sits down to read him a new story.

The thing that stands out for me at this day care center is the continuity,” Nechama says. “The staff is experienced and the children get to know them, there is no changeover. At first we were in a different day care center, but here there is permanence. It’s comforting for both the children and their parents. When we come in the morning my son is so excited to see the teachers and his little friends. I feel joy in my heart.”

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(Names changed to preserve anonymity) 

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