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Eliana Gruvman

Eliana Gruvman

My name is Eliana Gruvman. I am 21 years old, from New York, and am currently studying English and Spanish at Fordham University. During the summer of 2022, I arrived in Israel to travel, learn, and to work with WIZO as a marketing intern.

I was excited to learn more about WIZO, an organization that does so much for the people of Israel and has been doing so for 102 years! From my first day, the staff at WIZO were open, encouraging, and passionate about empowering the women and children of Israel. I felt instantly drawn into their community, a community full of support and laughter.

I have been privileged to work closely with Shiraz Portal and Dikla Kadosh in the marketing department during my time with WIZO, focusing on WIZO’s international social media presence. I’ve learned how to utilize social media to reach a global community, create connections and to highlight the work of WIZO staff and volunteers. Learning from a team of such driven and creative women has been empowering.

A key aspect to this internship was the opportunity to visit various WIZO projects. These visits not only allowed me to see more of Israel, I understood firsthand how hard and how innovatively WIZO volunteers and staff work in youth villages, thrift stores, senior homes, day care centers, and women's shelters to provide for the most vulnerable populations in Israeli society.

I am grateful for the experiences I had this summer! Thank you WIZO!