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Phoebe Zirin-Hyman

Phoebe Zirin-Hyman

My name is Phoebe Zirin-Hyman, I'm from New Jersey and am a rising sophomore at Tulane University. I grew up with the belief that as Jews it is our responsibility to support and love Israel. My first trip to Israel when I was 14 really put this into perspective. That first trip was with my summer camp for five weeks and then I went on to participate in March of the Living. After these experiences, I knew I had to return for even longer.

Participating in Onward Israel gave me the opportunity to live in Israel and intern for WIZO. Living in Bat Yam, I got to really experience what it is like to live as an Israeli. Being able to live in Israel and not just be on a tour has been the most incredible experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

At WIZO, I interned in the Fundraising Division, learning about all the different projects that WIZO is able to create. My time at WIZO has given me not only beneficial work experience but has taught me about the remarkable dedication of these Jewish women to Israeli society.

Phoebe Zirin-Hyman- New Jersey, USA