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Margo Weissman

Margo Weissman

My name is Margo Weissman. I am 20 years old and I am from the suburbs of Chicago in the United States. I am a social work major studying gender and women studies as well as public policy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The summer of 2022 I had the pleasure and privilege of coming to Israel to explore the country and take part in an internship.

When I was deciding where I wanted to work this summer, I was drawn to WIZO from the start. I was enamored with the honorable work they do for the youth, children, and women and their dedication to creating a better country for everyone living in it. WIZO’s goals and values align perfectly with my own and was exactly what I was looking for. This 102 year old organization has ties in every arena of society and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

After interviewing with the lovely Annette Crandell, WIZO’s Internship Program Supervisor, I was eager to join the team and felt that summer couldn’t come soon enough.

From my very first day as an External Relations Fundraising Intern, I fell in love. Each and every person I got to know and work with, had an intense love and passion for the work they do at WIZO and wanted to share it with me. I appreciated having the ability to interact with others and hear their stories. Some of my favorite moments were traveling to the different youth villages, women’s centers and second hand stores on the many different site visits we attended. I felt like this really made my work real and gave me a deep sense of importance and drive to do my job the best I could do. I loved meeting the different people on each trip and hearing their unique relationship with WIZO.

This internship gave me the ability to take my interests and studies to the next level. As my first ever office job, I am incredibly grateful for the trust, respect, and love that WIZO gave me. I was excited to initiate change, make powerful advancements, and benefit the different groups WIZO works with. I will never forget my time here at this wonderful organization and I hope to visit again soon. Thank you to everyone at WIZO for this amazing opportunity, I know my time here and in Israel is not done.