Honoring Fallen Arab Druze Soldiers

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This month, at the initiative of the Daliyat al-Karmel WIZO branch, the volunteer women held an incredibly moving tribute to the six Arab Druze soldiers who fell during Iron Swords.


Up north, in the Druze town of Daliyat al-Karmel is an active WIZO branch that operates programs year-round and symbolizes the partnership between two nations. This month, at their initiative, they held an incredibly moving tribute to the six Arab Druze soldiers who fell during Iron Swords. In attendance were the families of the fallen soldiers, representatives of World WIZO and branch volunteers.


Since the founding of the State of Israel, the members of the Druze community (approximately 140,000 live in Israel) have established themselves as loyal citizens, reliable allies, and dutiful soldiers. Eighty percent of the Druze population in Israel drafts into the IDF and about thirty nine percent are in combat roles. They are highly motivated to serve in meaningful roles and many have sacrificed their lives for the country.


WIZO Israel Chairperson Ora Korazim at the memorial:
“This branch doesn't emphasize only activism and female solidarity but also partnerships between peoples and religions, among communities that have chosen to adopt one another and create a commonality that transcends everything that once divided them.“


  • Lt. Col. Elim Saad
  • Lt. Col. Salman Habaka
  • Major General Guad Amar
  • Sergeant Daniel Rashed
  • Brigade Sergeant Adi Malev Harev
  • Major Gamal Abbas

Hours after the ceremony, the IDF announced the death of another Druze soldier, Staff Sgt. Sufian Dagash

May their memory be a blessing.


“The rainbow of Israeli society is colorful and rich, and the color that the Druze community brings to it is one of the most beautiful and important in it,” added Anita Friedman, World WIZO Chairperson.

Also in attendance was President of World WIZO Esther Mor, serving her last few days in the diplomatic role.

Everyone was moved to tears, but strengthened by the hope and solidarity expressed at the event.

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