Road to Resilience

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Resilience is not built in a day. But it is quite possibly the most important quality to have in life. Here in Israel, it is a particularly crucial attribute to build in our youth and 10 times more so now during the war. WIZO’s Education and Advancement of Women’s Status divisions teamed up to create a suite of programs to address the needs post-October 7.

In response to the profound national trauma on Israel’s collective psyche since October 7th, particularly poignant among its youth, WIZO has unveiled the transformative “Emotional Resilience” programs across our educational institutions. The purpose of these innovative five programs is to create a a process of building resilience in the face of trauma. Drawing inspiration from existing WIZO therapy programs, they will lead the way to restoration and renewal in the wake of tragedy.

“Emotional Resilience” offers a comprehensive psycho-educational system to strengthen personal resilience, acquire various coping skills, and forge human connections. The programs aim to develop self-awareness, self-defense, positive self-image, and interpersonal skills, resulting in increased resilience.

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Anita Friedman, Chairperson of World WIZO:
“WIZO, as a leading Zionist organization, is dedicated to the resilience and well-being of the citizens of the State of Israel, who are the foundation of our nation.“


Advances gender equality and volunteerism, empowering women to lead across diverse domains. This is vital during crises like the war, where inclusive leadership is paramount. Women played pivotal roles during the war, in combat and on the home front. By fostering leadership skills, teamwork, and understanding of equality and feminism, alongside addressing pressing social issues, the program guides girls to envision themselves as effective agents of change in both regular and emergency contexts.


Launched in October 2022, Selfree targets Israeli adolescents to promote positive body image and self-perception. Amid Israel’s ongoing crisis, Selfree strengthens personal, group, and national resilience by raising awareness of environmental factors affecting self-perception. The program empowers youth to drive positive change ins society, thereby fostering a sense of empowerment, control and influence over societal norms.

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The Shield

Teaches adolescents self-defense skills and promotes personal safety through reflective discussions and awareness-building led by certified instructors. It fosters resilience, emphasizes personal space and boundaries, and cultivates a sense of control amid uncertainty, particularly crucial in times of war.


Through artistic engagement led by professional artists, participants build self-expression, creativity, and social bonds. Group workshops explore experiences, thoughts, and emotions, fostering resilience and emotional well-being. Workshops cover diverse content areas such as creative writing, visual art, theater, poetry, street art, dance, graphic design, and photography, combining theory with practical skills.

Healing Wind

Provides emotional support and coping methods for trauma and grief recovery. Includes workshops for processing trauma and grief, social-emotional support, and educational programs for both students and staff. Student workshops focus on initial intervention and resilience-building activities, while staff training covers coping strategies and first aid intervention. Individual treatments plans will be developed for each student and staff member when relevant.

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