Wartime Day Care Centers

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All educational institutions in Israel are shut down, but WIZO received special permission to open 8 centers that we operate in hospitals.

WIZO has convinced the Home Front Command to allow us to open eight WIZO centers that we usually operate in or near the major hospitals in Israel. All precautions are being taken to keep the children, staff and parents safe. The number of children that can attend day care is limited by the number of children who can fit in the bomb shelters in the center. The children remain in the bomb shelter all day long, including during meals and nap time. Frequent sirens alert the staff to incoming missiles and the danger is imminent. It is essential that they remain in the bomb shelter at all times.

The eight WIZO day care centers have been opened in the following hospitals:

  • Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem
  • Hillel Yaffe Hospital, Hadera
  • Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofe), Be’er Ya’akov
  • Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov), Tel Aviv
  • Bnai Zion Hospital, Haifa
  • Rambam Hospital, Haifa – 2 day care centers
  • Nes Ziona (serving a nearby medical center)
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Orit, manager at Shamir Medical Center and mother of a toddler at WIZO DCC:
“It's a home in every sense. Because I have WIZO, I can go to work with a calm head and peaceful heart.“

This initiative led by WIZO is intended to assist in the wartime effort whilst ensuring that toddlers have a structured daily routine, interacting with dedicated educational and professional teams.

The aim is to support medical staff who are parents of young children and enable them to continue their critical life-saving tasks.

Created within designated secure spaces, these day care centers for toddlers are operated by professional teams, ensuring a secure environment throughout the day for toddlers up to three years old.

*In the photo: WIZO CEO Mira Mines visits one of the day care centers.

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