Calling Out UN Women’s Silence

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United Nations Women’s Rights Organization: We Can’t Hear You

The Women’s Rights Organization of the United Nations published a statement on October 13 about the Israel-Hamas war.

In the statement by the UN Women, the atrocities committed by Hamas in Israel on October 7 were entirely ignored. The statement ignored the murder, the rape, the abuse, and the kidnapping of women.

Yesterday, along with 80 other women’s organizations from Israel and the world, WIZO issued a letter demanding from the UN Women’s Rights Organization to immediately address and condemn the horrible acts committed by Hamas.

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The UN Women’s Rights Organization is an international organization that must stand by women wherever they are without discrimination based on ethnic, national and religious background.

And yet their voices were not heard.

We call on all humanitarian and women’s rights organizations whose mission includes defending human rights and condemning war crimes to do everything in their ability to denounce these vicious war crimes against women, and ensure the hostages’ safe return home to their families.

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