WIZO in Wartime

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Israel is at war. WIZO is on the ground. Two weeks into the war, this is our impact on Israeli society in times of war. WIZO has always been there, through every war Israel has fought in its short bittersweet 75-year history. As the largest and oldest social service provider in Israel, WIZO immediately mobilizes all of its resources to help wherever needed.

WIZO in Wartime:



emergency day care centers in Israel’s 7 major hospitals have been opened by WIZO to serve essential medical staff


residents from the south have been evacuated and moved to WIZO youth villages and Parents Home


students – some of them on welfare and with no home to go to – are currently living in our 5 youth villages


food and clothing packages have been distributed to soldiers on the front lines and families who have been evacuated from the south


Naaleh students – those who immigrated to Israel without their families – are living in 3 of our youth villages


Elderly citizens – some of them Holocaust survivors – are being taken care of at WIZO’s Parents Home


Women and children – survivors of domestic violence – are being supported by WIZO through our Safety Net program


Girls and young women at risk are being supported through our Adi Center and Makom Balev programs in Be’er sheva


Support calls a day are being made and answered via our three Helplines for women, mothers and victims of domestic violence


women and children are seeking refuge and being supported in our two shelters for victims of domestic violence

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