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Become a Pro-Israel Activist in the Age of BDS

A few tips and resources for those who are interested in taking a more active role in speaking out on behalf of Israel.

May 17, 2016

Israeli American Council Celebrate Israel Festival in Miami Florida

What can you do to counter the BDS campaigns for boycotts:

  • Lobby local government: write to your local government. Petition them to disallow the singling out and discrimination against Israel. Show them how useful Israeli products and services can be when you work in partnership with Israel.
  • Get social media pro-active: Promote Israel and counteract incitement online by tweeting, sharing on Facebook and posting your pictures on Instagram. Social media is the most powerful tool we have to grow community and advocate for Israel.
  • "BUY Cotts": buy more Israeli products! Organize campaigns around buying Israeli products. Shop online for products that you can only find in Israel.
  • Trips to Israel: the best way to understand the situation of the ground is to come to Israel. Visit Israel and encourage groups of people who have not been to see the country for themselves. This has proven to be tremendously successful. Whether it is students, tour groups, business people, religious leaders, bloggists and anyone who can benefit from connecting with Israeli companies and innovators.
  • Tell a friend :  We all have the power to create communities. Share stories with your friends! Use the media tools at your disposal o tell Israel’s story! Come and explore the country for yourself and join organizations that are pro-Israel.

Useful websites: – for the latest groundbreaking technologies  - for all your campus activism needs – for in depth analysis on Israel and the Middle East - The anti-Defamation League’s anti -BDS website - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs


*This content was gathered and provided by Rolene Marks