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The Jewish News: Woman Shares How WIZO Domestic Violence Shelter Saved Her Life

In March, UK Jewish News journalist Louise Scodie visited a WIZO women's shelter with the WIZO UK's Chairperson's Mission. In this report, she shares one women's story of how the WIZO shelter helped turn her life around.

April 05, 2019




Woman struggling with domestic abuse from partner  (Getty Images)

Woman struggling with domestic abuse from partner (Getty Images)

I was a strong person from an academic family. I was a youth leader and then an army commander. After that I built a great career, working internationally as a creative.

One thing was missing though. At 38, I was still single and longing for children. With no man in my life, I started IVF alone. The process made me feel so lonely, that I signed up for online dating. That’s where I met Ron*. My self-esteem was so low, but he made me feel beautiful,  he told me he loved me. He was living with his parents after a broken engagement; I took him under my wing, supporting him professionally and financially.

We had already decided to have a child when Ron started to throw things and be abusive towards his family. When he turned on me, I made excuses for him. I figured his problem was ADHD.

He told me that I looked like a cow. I stopped wearing make-up, because he said I looked like clown wearing it. My self-esteem plummeted.

Ron criticised me more and more. After we had my daughter, he would say that I was losing my mind. I decided to break up with him and he threatened me with violence.

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