Equal Opportunities for Every Youth

WIZO’s educational frameworks provide the very best education, individual attention, and full support of WIZO for every youth in our care.

Our main goals:

  •    To close the educational gap between disadvantaged children and those from stable homes, and ensure that no child falls between the cracks.
  •    To nurture the natural talents of each youth and guide them in using these talents to build a career and a more promising future.
  •    To instill a sense of personal and national pride in each youth and create responsible, giving citizens.


To reach these goals WIZO operates the following:

Youth Villages & Special Education. WIZO’s five youth villages are home to 5,500 young people, 1,100 of whom live in the school's dormitories and are from disadvantaged backgrounds. Each village has a unique approach and provides individual attention, education, therapies and guidance to each youth.
WIZO invests heavily in every student, helping them overcome the difficulties of their background while providing them with options for the future. Here, special talents and skills are brought out and nurtured, allowing each youth to succeed in his or her own way.

WIZO’s three schools for special education include two vocational schools and one technological high school, all of which cater to hundreds of youth with behavioral and emotional problems or who cannot succeed in regular school frameworks. Each school has its own specialized curriculum.  Recognizing each child’s individuality, natural abilities, and special needs, WIZO wants to ensure each child’s emotional well-being, personal development, and educational advancement. 
WIZO’s schools are dedicated to meeting the needs of students who require special education and provide a ‘last chance’ for students who have failed in the traditional school setting.  WIZO works to enable every student to earn a degree or become skilled in a marketable trade, and to enlist in the IDF or National Service as part of their journey to becoming productive, responsible, independent and contributing citizens.

Youth Centers. WIZO’s youth centers and youth clubs are where disadvantaged children receive tutoring, guidance, communication, leadership, and training in music and the arts that enrich their lives and create talented, confident young men and women. Instead of aimlessly wandering the streets they learn to build a future.

Youth At Risk. WIZO’s youth at risk programs include Warm Homes for youngsters who have no stable home life, programs of empowerment and guidance for girls, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah program, therapies, support groups and more.