Nachalat Yehuda Youth Village

In Israel, approximately 345,000 youth are categorized at various levels of risk.  As a result of personal circumstances these children often have severe challenges in addition to behavioral, academic, and social difficulties. 

Without WIZO

Without intervention, these lost youth will continue their downward plunge. With no structure, support system or encouragement, they will gravitate toward anyone or anything that makes them feel they belong. 


WIZO’s five youth villages specialize in taking disadvantaged youth, giving them a home and enabling them to learn on par with their peers from normative backgrounds. Each has a unique combination of areas of study and special projects.

WIZO Nachlat Yehuda is one of the oldest educational institutions in Israel. It was established in 1922 as a training center for agricultural workers. After the establishment of the State, it became a high school focused on agricultural and farm studies.

Nachlat Yehuda continues to be one of the leading educational institutions in farm and agricultural education and is a safety net for thousands of young Israelis. The school focuses on Jewish and Zionist values, love of the land and the environment, and measures success in ways far beyond academic achievement and good grades.

There are 430 students in the village, 230 of whom live in the dormitories. The other 200 students travel daily to the campus from the surrounding area and study in the village as part of a longer school day that goes well into the evening.

The students who live at the village are from dysfunctional homes. As a result, many are behind academically, have learning disabilities, ADHD, and some have even been rejected socially. Students who do not live in the village but attend on a daily basis, are also from difficult backgrounds. Nachlat Yehuda excels in providing for the special needs of these children as well as those of immigrant youth.

At the village, students participate in a variety of enrichment activities such as sport, dance, music, art, horseback and bicycle riding, drama and more.

Extensive tutoring is available and classrooms are equipped with modern computers and audio-visual technology to give each student the very best to work with. The curriculum is unique and engaging. The students learn life sciences and agriculture along with hands-on experience in working with animals. 


Areas of Study:


  • Agriculture
  • Biology
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Jewish studies 


Special Projects:


Agricultural farm - On campus is a working dairy farm, chicken coop, petting zoo, and a new site for the production of organic fertilizer. All students work daily on the farm which is one of the main educational and philosophical aspects of the village.

Professional choirs and dance troupes – There have been singing and dance troupes in the village for over 20 years.  The troupes have played on stages throughout Israel and around the world, especially in Jewish communities in order to strengthen their ties with Israel. The troupes also function as therapeutic and educational tools that develop the talents of students and allow them to experience success and improve their social and educational performance.

Long School Days - Day students at the village do not return to their dysfunctional homes when school is over. They stay until the evening, eat a hot meal and receive help with homework. They also enjoy extracurricular activities and when needed, receive professional treatment in various fields. This assists them in overcoming their circumstances and succeed in school.

Special Study Center - WIZO established ‘Mahut’ to help students with ADHD and learning disabilities. Teachers work with each student to give them the academic and emotional support they need. This program is directly responsible for the majority of our students passing their exams.

“I never had a home. My house was violent, the shelter was crowded, my grandmother’s home was in a bad neighborhood… Not until Nachlat Yehuda did I feel I belonged and could open up and try.”
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