A Warm Home for Girls

For girls from violent, neglectful, or otherwise dysfunctional homes, emotional damage, low self-esteem, and low function levels are common. Dropping out of school and criminal activity often follow. Without successful intervention, their chances of a normative future are low.

Without WIZO

Without a framework that builds up what has been broken down by her negative circumstances, she will continue to deteriorate.  Unable to combat the difficulties, her self-esteem, school performance and emotional health will decline. 


In 18 centers across the country, WIZO’s ‘Warm Home’ for girls – run in collaboration with the Ministry of Welfare or the local Municipality - provides support for 13-18 year-old-girls considered at high risk. Workshops, therapies, recreational activities, hot meals, love, and basic skills coaching all work to rebuild the girls’ self-esteem and abilities.  The staff and program prevent destructive behavior by providing a safe place, role modeling and a positive environment. The girls spend from noon until evening hours learning to trust, communicate and rebuild a sense of belonging that is integral to rehabilitation.

Why We Need You

WIZO would like to open additional 'Warm Homes' for girls to prevent more young women from continuing down a path of self-destruction.

"Sarah came to us lacking any direction in life; after two years she has completed high school and is well adjusted."
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