WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim

At the far end of the at-risk spectrum are children who have suffered severe violence, trauma and neglect. They have a range of emotional or psychological issues, are introverted, incommunicative, and lacking in self esteem.

Without WIZO1

Children with emotional and psychological difficulties require therapies, medication, and supervision in order to succeed. Without these things, school and a social life followed by work and a career will not happen. 


WIZO runs specialty schools geared towards youth who need a different kind of framework in order to thrive.

WIZO Achuzat Yeladim, a therapeutic and post-hospitalization residential treatment facility, is currently home to 100 youth who suffer from behavioral, emotional, and psychiatric problems. The school is run according to procedures outlined by the Ministry of Social Welfare, and the Ministry of Education. The school caters to youth ages 7 to 18 from all across Israel. These youth have failed at previous schools, and treatment at Achuzat Yeladim is often their last opportunity to succeed.


2Throughout Israel, Achuzat Yeladim is highly respected for its work with the most difficult youth. The center offers a wide range of specialized treatment and educational sessions, which are provided by a team of top educators, social workers, psychologists, and therapists. The center is one of the few that provides residential treatment for post-hospitalized youth. WIZO never gives up on a child.


Despite their unique challenges, students have made outstanding achievements. Participating in activities such as the prestigious International Youth Award and heritage trips to Poland, have provided the students with a sense of social integration and a sense of self and belonging.


The school curriculum covers the whole spectrum of subjects which are necessary to graduate on to further studies. An individual learning program is devised for each child, to give the student every chance to succeed.


Every student receives essential services to heal and rebuild their lives. Ongoing therapy helps youth to cope with and overcome psychiatric and psychological deficiencies. Counseling varies depending

 on the type of issue being addressed and the mental health of the child. Both traditional and nontraditional therapies are provided in private settings. 


Special Projects:

WIZO Ha'ahuza Haktana - dormitory for 15 children, ages 7 to 12, operates on the grounds of Achuzat Yeladim. This unique boarding school is in its 


Fifth year of operation. It is a therapeutic dormitory for elementary aged children with behavioral and emotional problems. 

Work and learn program- Students learn and also go out to work and earn money. This allows them to gain real world experience and responsibilities.

Army Preparation Courses- These courses prepare the students for joining the army- an integral part of full integration in Israeli society.

Employment Center- An in school employment center gives students the opportunity to work in the school in various ways; in the canteen, office etc. This creates empowerment, skills and experience.

Why We Need You

The school is in need of a number of physical repairs to keep it in the condition the children deserve. 

"Everyone else gave up on me. No one thought I was worth the trouble. WIZO showed me how wrong they all were. I will always be grateful."
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